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A key challenge that our small business owners have in town are that employees, even newer teachers, police officers and fireman could find it difficult to afford living within our town. There are currently no single family homes priced below $500,000, which could be easily out of reach for young families, single income households, seniors on fixed income, as well as most first time homebuyers.

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Sustainable Growth

A decade ago, our town revenue was largely supported by the construction of single family homes and oil exploration fees. At some point, the town will be fully built-out and there will be no new/large-scale planned developments. Given the proximity to major thoroughfares and demand for taxable goods within the Town of Erie, retail sales has proven to be a major source of revenue, creating sustainability in town budgets long after development and oil & gas operations wind down.

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Consideration of Home Rule

In the State of Colorado, municipalities typically consider a transition to Home Rule once their population surpasses 2000 residents, or once the scale of local commerce creates a need for local solutions that may vary from what is provided statewide. The Town of Erie has been considering a movement towards a Home Rule town structure for as long as I have been a resident (13 years). It has been delayed for a number of reasons, mostly that the public needs to be made aware of what Home Rule is, what it isn't, why it is of benefit to Erie, and what process would be required to establish the new government structure.

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Public Safety & Mental Health

Over the past couple of years, I have been privileged to have worked with the Erie Police Department and the Town of Erie in a few different capacities. I have been able to get an inside look at the culture of the department as well as the training that is provided, which taught me that the true mark of a department that is "doing it right" is one that has the level of transparency, accountability and service that we enjoy in Erie.

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