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Personal Statement on 2009 Arrest

When my wife and I first moved to Erie, we left all that was familiar to take on a new challenge, which came with a great deal of hardship and stress. We have been married for almost 19 years, having married and started our family at a fairly young age. In 2009, within a month of uprooting our lives we went through a tough time in our relationship, and through a lot of work and prayer, we are much stronger as a result.

I would like to address some allegations that have been made with regard to my personal credibility and eligibility to serve as a public official. The allegations stem from an arrest in 2009, where I was charged with misdemeanor harassment stemming from a domestic disturbance call to my home. The charges were immediately dismissed by the District Attorney upon review of the case file and there was never a protection order or any other actions required. The call to the local police department was made to deescalate an argument, that had become heated. At the time, in Erie, common practice for Domestic calls was that one of the parties would be taken into custody. This was common practice to prevent future incidents that day and there was no effort to attempt mediation or de-escalation. The officer’s words to me during arrest was that since I was the larger of the two parties, I would be taken into custody.

Given the 13yrs that have passed since this unfortunate incident, municipalities are employing new resources such as Co-Responders, who work with the police department and are trained clinicians who are able to provide support and de-escalation for citizens in crisis. I, along with the Erie Police Directives Task Force, was able to successfully lobby the Town Legislature for additional funding to provide this support to the PD. It was even accomplished in a creative and efficient manner that leverages similar infrastructure provided by Boulder County while being dedicated to the Town of Erie (both counties).

I have been a federally contracted defense professional for 20 years, during which time I have successfully passed multiple periodic background checks that certify my ability to serve in a position critical to national security. Further, I own a local small business that is a Federal Firearms Licensee (FFL) meaning that I am licensed by the Federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF), which requires an extensive and periodic background investigation. There is no history of violence in my life including this day, and what was a domestic dispute that became heated, it did not result in violence in our home and the charges were immediately dropped without the need for representation or explanation to the DA.


Justin Brooks

Committee to Elect Justin Brooks/Registered Agent Justin Brooks
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