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Justin Brooks for Erie Mayor!!! — Shumaila Hafeez
I am excited to support Justin Brooks for Mayor of Erie. Not only does he have a great vision for Erie, but he also has the integrity, skills, and experience that will unite people for the good of Erie. Having worked closely with Justin for over 7 years, running a Boy Scout Troop, I can share a perspective that adds to the professional endorsements of others. In all his roles helping run our troop, including several years as Scout Master, he demonstrated a rare combination of natural leadership abilities, intelligence, calm headedness, unwavering integrity, and a strong commitment to family and community. Additionally, I found him to be an exceptional listener with a knack for enabling and motivating those around him. In short, Justin is an amazing leader and one of the best people I have ever met. He has a clear vision and I know he will focus and deliver on the best interests of Erie and its citizens. — Jason Weihe
Principal R&D Engineer
Justin’s vision for Erie is spectacular. With the growth we are seeing, it is such a critical time for our town—how will it look ten years from now, and how we can support this level of growth. Justin is looking into the future with realistic plans, and ideas to bring more revenue to the town. — Tyler Zierdt
Strategic Account Executivd
Justin is a proven leader who brings substantial knowledge, experience, integrity, and inclusive leadership to the table. — Emily Baer
I have known Justin and the Brooks family for six years. Justin will take the time to talk to you, ask your needs, ask your worries and ask you what your vision for Erie is. In talking to him, he has a complete understanding what needs to happen and what struggles Erie faces and how to answer that call. There is no question in my mind that he is the person for the job in Erie. — Greg Rowe

I have been fortunate enough to work for Justin on two large engineering programs. As a PM, Justin navigated many different points of view and complex engineering challenges. Justin never failed to make time to hear all viewpoints and fostered a respectful environment that helped build team cohesiveness. As a 17-year resident of Erie I’m excited to support Justin in the Town of Erie’s mayoral election!

— A. AuCoin
I have known Justin for several years and served with him on a Board. He is an inspirational and dedicated leader. He collaborates well and always keeps issues in perspective. He believes in getting involved to make things better than he found them. He is a leader that is willing to listen and that can make all the difference. Justin wants what is best for the town of Erie and it’s residents. Erie should welcome his ideas and his energy. — David Carter
Director of Business Development

I was thrilled to learn that Justin Brooks is running for Mayor of Erie.  I have seen an inspiring passion for Erie from Justin.

Combine his care for Erie with his expertise and wisdom and I believe we have a great future mayor.

I have found his input on various subjects to be thoughtful and intelligent.  More than anything, I have always felt that he approaches topics with an open inquisitive mind and measures his words well.  

I especially enjoy when Justin is sharing thoughts on a topic that I may not initially align on because I know we can discuss peacefully and I will always learn a new way to consider my own position.

Justin and I are both from the Detroit area, but we have totally different life experiences that led us to a common place of a care and excitement for Erie.

I respect him tremendously as a person, as a parent who cares for his kids and as a neighbor who loves to be a part of this community.

His character and conviction for responsible leadership are the reasons he will be getting our vote.

— Tony Gambee
President, Latitude Software Services, Inc

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